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Handcrafted items, available for drop shipping, wholesale supplies.
Crochet purse

In India, internet connectivity has worsened to a very great extent, especially in small towns, where there are a limited number of ISPs who often lack professionalism. So people interested in working from home, especially online, are advised to develop their skills offline making handmade items, gardening or similar skills, to avoid being falsely accused of internet addiction

large companies in the tech sector are ruthless in using unethical methods for acquiring talent and technology cheaply, destroying competition. The availability of microwave weapons has allowed these companies and the officials on their payroll to attack and torture any harmless citizen without being questioned. The laptop or computer of the torture victim is closely monitored by the criminal officials who launch an attack after any activity on the computer when any activity is being detected. The person will be forced to work offline, and making handcrafted items is a way to spend time productively and learn a new skill, avoiding the daily human right abuses
Some of the handcrafted items available are:
1. Crochet purses
2. Crochet cases for pendrives, memory cards
3. Foldable fabric bags
4. Newspaper bags
5. Low cost kurtis, tops
6. Wall hangings
7. Fabric pouches
8. Any custom made crochet or fabric items according to customer requirement
The prices of these items are extremely competitive, with discount for bulk orders
The advantage of using crochet or fabric purses and other items is that:
1. Foldable (unlike plastic, leather or other materials) - can take up less space, when empty or not used
2. washable
3. Different design, color available, customized pattern available.

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