People do not expect shopkeepers to give items for free, people only want websites for free

Even if the shopkeeper is a friend, neighbor or relative, people will pay the shopkeeper if they want anything from their shop. They realize that the shop keeper has expenses, if he gives everything for free, he will have to shut down the shop. However, officials and companies expect online publishers and bloggers to give their websites to their friends and relatives for free. The websites are not free, a large amount of time and money is spent on domains, webhosting, content creation, website management, computer hardware. Yet these greedy powerful people are encouraged by large tech, internet companies not to pay the blogger, instead frame the person, file fake cases, and force the blogger, online publisher to sell the website at a low price or free
Why do officials do not encourage people to demand products like cars and services for free offline, only websites should be given to others for free?

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