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Sexual harassment at utensil/appliance shop

One of the best kept secrets of the government SLAVERY, financial fraud racket, is how the sindhi and other scammers especially sindhi scammer student nikhil premchandani are openly involved in slander of the domain investor using manipulated videos, to destroy her credibility, get government jobs for faking domain ownership, bank account.
In another attempt at sexual harassment, making manipulated videos, the domain investor went to a local utensil/appliance shop to check availability of rice cookers. Intentionally, a young slim short man wearing a red shirt was standing at the entrance with his body bent on the counter
When the domain investor entered the shop, intentionally another young man left the shop, so that he was physically near to the domain investor in the narrow corridor of the shop, for sexual harassment and this footage may be allegedly used for criminally defaming the domain investor

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